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Abraham McColloch and Susan Burns McColloch Home.

Located at West Liberty, near Wheeling, West Virginia. (side view)
Originally the Homestead of Major Samuel McColloch of the famous
"Leap", Indian Fighter, Scout, and Hunter

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comhe land was originally acquired by purchase, or taken upon a Tomahawk Grant by Major Samuel McColloch (1752-1782) of the famous leap who was eventually killed by indians. He built and lived in a log house there. This land passed out of the hands of the McColloch family by 1809. In 1846, Major Sam's nephew, Abraham McColloch (1797-1882), son of Abraham and Alcy Boggs McColloch, bought back the home and tract of land comprised of about 125 acres. He *razed Samuel's log cabin and built a wooden frame home. The stone part of the home was built by Abraham McColloch, in 1856. The first floor walls being 24" thick, the second floor walls 22" thick and the cellar walls 33" thick.

The home was in the family until it was sold in 1951/52 by Leta McColloch, widow of Chester McColloch. Chester was Abraham and Susan's nephew as he was the son of Abraham's brother William "Uncle Will" McColloch, who was married to Mary Beth Higgs.

The house has been added to, completely modernized and renovated over the years up through 1990. It is currently a beautiful plantation style home owned by the Whitaker family.

Leta, was kind enough to send this picture of the homestead to my mother Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Frankel, back in 1952, as well as information on our ancestor of the American Revolution John Beck. 

My Great Aunt Leila (McColloch) Redmon, also sent a letter that year in which she states that in 1951, "we went to the homestead and it was filled with beautiful antiques including the cradle that belonged to my father".  Aunt Leila was the daughter of James McHenry McColloch who was a son of Abraham and Susan.

My mother drove by the home on a trip to West Virginia in the early to mid 1970's.

by Elizabeth Louise (Frankel) Gunderson, Great, Great, Grand Daughter of Abraham and Susan McColloch.

Abraham McColloch & Susan Burns in tree . . .

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