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Husband of SUSAN BURNS

Susan Burns McColloch, 1823 -  1862, Headstone, Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio County, Wheeling, West Virginia.

Susan Burns McColloch 1823 ~ 1862
Bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio County, Wheeling, West Virginia

Abram McColloch, 1797 - 1882, Headstone, Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio County, Wheeling, West Virginia.

Abram McColloch 1797 ~ 1882
Bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio County, Wheeling, West Virginia

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.combraham McColloch was born November 19, 1797, on Short Creek, Ohio Co., Virginia, the son of Abraham McColloch (1750-1782) and Alcy Boggs of Short Creek. He engaged in agricultural pursuits all his life and was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. 

On April 1, 1847, Abraham married Susan Burns, the daughter of Garret Burns and Rebecca Beck Burns. Rebecca Beck Burns was the daughter of 'CAPT' John Beck and Rebecca Miller Beck. John and Rebecca Beck originally owned the tract of land that is known as the Stanley Sonde Farm, Potomac Road, Ohio County, West Virginia. (See *Note below) Susan was born November 23, 1823. Susan's mother Rebecca Burns, died after Susans birth and it is said that Garrett Burns left the home never to be heard from again. Susan was raised by her Grandmother Rebecca Beck. Susan died April 3, 1862. She is buried at Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia with her husband Abraham McColloch.

Susan and Abrahams home was built on land that originally belonged to Abraham's Uncle, Major Samuel McColloch (1752-1782) Indian Fighter of the famous Leap and who was killed by indians. For more interesting information see the  Homestead here.

When Susan died, Abraham was left with six children, as follows: Susan Virginia; Sarah Rebecca; William E.; Abram I.; James; and John Waterman. James married Mary Alice Wharton, and was a school teacher, school principal and engaged in farming in the Sedalia, Oronogo, Webb City, Missouri, area. Abram I. lived in Richland District, was a prosperous farmer and served as County Commissioner. William was also a farmer in the Richland District. Sarah Rebecca was the wife of Henry Meathwel, and died in 1894. Susan Virginia married John Gardner, a farmer in Cowley County, Kansas.

Abraham died February 25, 1882, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, and is buried at Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia.

*Note: Susan's mother Rebecca Burns headstone shows that she died in 1821. This causes confusion with the year of Susan's birth. Susan's headstone shows she was born in 1823. Either Susan's birth year is wrong or her mother's death year is wrong on the headstones. The 1850 census shows Susan's age as 29. If this is correct then she would have been born in 1821. I am leaning towards the fact that Susan's headstone is wrong and she was born in 1821.

Census transcriptions:

1850 U.S. CENSUS, Ohio Co., 44th District, Virginia, November 11, 1850, Page 211:
McCOLLOCH, Abraham, 50/M, -, Farmer/$8,000/Virginia, -,-,-,-
McCOLLOCH, Susan, 29/F, -,-,-, Virginia, -,-,-,-
McCOLLOCH, Susan, 2/F, -,-,-, Virginia, -,-,-,-
McCOLLOCH, William, 8 mos./M, -,-,-, Virginia, -,-,-,-

1860 U.S. CENSUS, Ohio Co., Wheeling P.O., Virginia, June 11, 1860, Page 36:
McCOLLOCH, Abram, 63/M, -, Farmer/$20,000/$1,500, -, VA
McCOLLOCH, Susan, 40/F, -,-,-,-,-, VA
McCOLLOCH, Susan V., 12/F, -,-,-,-,-, VA, -,-, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, William, 10/M, -,-,-,-,-, VA, -,-, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, Abram, 8/M, -,-,-,-,-, VA, -, -, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, John, 6/M, -,-,-,-,-, VA, -,-, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, James, 5/M, -,-,-,-,-, VA, -,-, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, Rebecca, 2/F, -,-,-,-,-, VA
BOWMAN, Alfred, 25/M, -, Farm Laborer, -,-,-, VA

1870 U.S. CENUS, Ohio Co., Richland TWP, Post Office Wheeling, August 13, 1870, Page 11:
McCOLLOCH, Abram, Sr., 73/M/W/Farmer, -,-, Virginia
McCOLLOCH, Virginia, 22/F/W/Keeps House, -,-, Virginia
McCOLLOCH, William, 20/M/W/At Home, -,-, Virginia
McCOLLOCH, John, 17/M/W/At Home, -,-, Virginia, -,-,-,-, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, James, 15/M/W/At Home, -,-, Virginia, -,-,-,-, Attended School
McCOLLOCH, Rebecca, 11/F/W/At Home, -,-, Virginia, -,-,-,-, Attended School

The above information is a compilation of information from The Short Creek Cemetery records, information from Leta McColloch, Census Records, family letters, with small filling in provided from: "History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and Representative Citizens" by Hon. Gibson Lamb Cranmer (The Cramer biographies were compiled from general information.)

  • Bibiography: McColloch Family of Ohio Co., W. Va.; Compiled and Edited by Samuel W. McColloch, 1999, Updated September 2001 and January 2002, Updated and Revised January 2003.

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