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Great Aunt Leila's Letter to Mama.


DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comhe letter transcribed below is postmarked, March 14, 1952, Huntington, with 1404 Stewart Ave., Huntington, West Virginia as the return address, from Mary Leila (McColloch) Redmon, to Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Frankel, my mother. Mary Leila, was my mother's aunt as she was the sister of  Daphne Dale (McColloch) Davis.

Aunt Leila's letter was one of the communications sent to mother with  genealogical information so that she could join The Daughters of the American Revolution organization.  Mother had also received communication from Leta McColloch, during the same month.

1404 Stewart Avenue
Huntington, W. Va.

I was interested about little Leila Dale. Tell me more about John, Janis & Lizzie. (This was written very small on a slant in the very upper left hand corner of this first page.)

My Dearest Leila & Don & the little ones,

     We were so glad to receive your letter and know you are alright. So glad to hear of the progress you are all making. John J. is also a Mason. Glad Leta sent you the information you wanted.

     As to my parents marriage date & birth dates you will find everything written in my Mother's Bible and also in Grandma Wharton's old Bible. You or Jimmie have them. However I'll give you the following dates just from memory.

     My Mother, Mary Alice Wharton McColloch was born June 18, 1860. The way I figured it, she was 27 years old when I was born 65 years ago, 27+65 = 92 yrs ago from 1952-92 = 1860 (this may not be accurate.)


     My father James McHenry McColloch , every one called him "Mac" or "Jim" died when Mary Louise Redmon was born in 1919. He then was 65 yrs old. (1952-1919 = 33 years) + 65 = 98 years from (1952-98) = 1854 his birth date then would be Feb. 12, 1854. I believe these dates are correct. My Mother and Grandma Wharton always kept all dates of births & deaths & marriages in the Bible. My mother was married when she was 18 yrs old. Then she was married in 1878.

But I am sure that your third cousin Mrs. Mahala McColloch, Liberty, W. Va. can tell you about my fathers birth date et cetera, as she married Arch McColloch, my father's nephew. My father had 3 brothers, Abe, John, Will and (Jim, the baby). Mahala married Uncle Abe's son Arch, so she's one . . .


of my best friends and my 2nd cousin (a double cousin). She was a Jacob. She is over 70 years old, but an old aristocrat and keeps up on everything about a family tree.

It might interest you to know all of my mother's people, the Whartons, the Bruners, the Marshalls, live in and around Wheeling, and all well to do. I visit them often. My fathers people are all real well to do, live on lovely farms & they are all my age & older. Most of them around 75. Each year they have a McColloch reunion. I went in Sept. 1950. Relatives from all the states came.

There are only 3 children left of my father's & his 3 brother's families. Leila Redmon, Omar McColloch & Milton McColloch. All the rest . . .


have passed on now. Daphne & Edna, Arch, Minnie is dead also (I visit at Minnie's home & her childrens home). Uncle Will's children all dead. Leta is an in-law. Chester, her husband died last year after I was there. Mary Belle is Uncle Will McC's daughter, Leila Uncle Will's daughter, Sue Uncle Will's daughter and Hance, his other son, all passed on years ago. They are my age.

     So glad Leta sent you a picture of you Grandpa McColloch's home. She just sold it recently. It was full of antiques. Beautiful! My father's baby cradle was there last summer when I was there.

     This weekend I am living in John J's & Mary Louise's home.


They with their 8 year old daughter just left & are driving to Lynchburg, Va. to a church wedding. John J. is to be best man. I am keeping their 8 months old baby, Georgia Kay. We have a new TV set on a revolving table so I'm vacationing this week. The little baby is a doll. I love her so much!

     You asked for some of our pictures. On Feb. 22, Waddell & Betty Murphy drove over here to Mary Lou's home so I am enclosing some pictures we took on Mary Lou's front yard.

     We like Huntington, W. Va. very well. I'll be leaving soon. They'll be back by train Sunday night. I still work for "The Child's World" every day and have a Chev car and nothing stops me. Mary . . .


Lou has a Chev car she bought it before the baby was born and of course the Coco Cola Co. gives John J. a car for his use. Every year another Chev.

     I hope to see you by June. May be I'm only 65 years young. I just heard the radio star singing "You're beautiful as you are tonight. You haven't changed", made me think of you Leila. I love you.

     Well write me at either address. The girls open all my mail (I gave them permission), so I always get mail wherever I am. I may go up into New York state soon to work!

Love Aunt Leila

Typed by Elizabeth Louise (Frankel) Gunderson, from my family's letter. I typed the letter in the form and language as it was used in the letter.


This letter was also invaluable to me in confirming data I had already collected as well as directing me to the correct ancestors. Being the youngest of my mother's children I have to say that sadly I was not fortunate enough to meet many of my mother's family. I never got to meet my Great Aunt Leila.

Even though you would be able to find the above mentioned people on the page for Descendants of 'COL' John McColloch and Sarah Inskeep, I will remind you of the one's that Great Aunt Leila refers to that are her children.

John J. (White) is married to Aunt Leila's daughter Mary "Lou" Louise Redmon. She also mentions Mary Louise and John J.s children. The 8 year old is Mary Elizabeth White and the 8 month old baby Georgia Kay White.

She also mentions Waddell & Betty Murphy. Waddell (Murphy) is married to Aunt Leila's other daughter Elizabeth "Betty" Nadine Redmon.

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