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DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comhe act of the General Assembly passed on June 22, 1779, which established the Virginia Land Office, also provided for the rewarding of lands promised as bounty for specified Revolutionary War military service. The purpose of the bounty land system was to encourage longer military service. In order to qualify for bounty land, a soldier had to serve at least three (3) years continuously in the State or Continental line. Militia service did not count. Servicemen submitted various documents such as affidavits of commanding officers and fellow soldiers and discharge papers in order to substantiate their service record. When the claim was proved, the Governor's Office issued a certificate to the register of the Land Office authorizing him to issue a warrant. The first warrant was issued in 1782 and the last in 1876 as heirs of warrantees continued to seek lands for additional service. Land awarded as bounty was in the present-day states of Ohio and Kentucky.

Name: Beck, John., Rank: Lieutenant. Service: Army. 
Certificate: P. Muhlenberg, Brigadier General, Date: 1783.

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Land Bounty Warrants for John Beck

  • Actual Land Bounty Warrand Documents from: Library of Virginia on line digital archives. You may also get hard copies of documents from the Library of Virginia.

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