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My Maternal Grandmother

Daphne Dale McColloch Davis

My Maternal Grandfather

John N. "Jack" Davis


DropCap by Daphne Dale McColloch, was born in September, 1889, Jasper Co., Missouri, the daughter of James McHenry McColloch, and Mary Alice Wharton, both of whom were born and raised in Ohio Co., West Virginia.

Mr. James McColloch was a professor and engaged in school teaching and attained the position of Principal of Schools in Sedalia, Missouri, and Principal of Schools in Neck City Missouri, while also engaging in farming. He died in 1919.

Mrs. Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch graduated from the Female College of Wheeling, in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mrs. McColloch was also a school teacher and was very active in church and civic duties in the Carthage, Oronogo, and Webb City, Missouri areas. She died November, 1936, before her mother, Elizabeth Ellen (Bruner) Wharton, in Picher, Oklahoma. Her mother died August 7, 1937, in Picher, Oklahoma, at the age of 95. Mary Alice and her mother Elizabeth moved to a house next door to Daphne and John after their husbands died. They both died quietly at home. The family referred endearingly to them as the "Two Grandmas".

Daphne McColloch was the youngest of five sisters: Olive P. born in 1879, Pettis Co., Missouri died as a young child, Ettie M. born in 1881, Pettis Co., Missouri, died as a young child, Edna Leona born, May 9, 1884, Jasper Co., Missouri, who married Walter S. Kannier, they raised five children, moved to California and she died September 2, 1950, Lassen, California, and Mary Leila born December 1, 1886, Jasper Co., Missouri, who married Charles C. Redmon, they raised two children and she died August 19, 1960, in West Virginia.

My Grandmother, Daphne Dale McColloch was married April 7, 1909, Jasper Co., Webb City, Missouri, to  John N. "Jack" Davis, born August 22, 1884, in Pierce City, Missouri, son of J. N. Davis and Hester Louisa Goad. 

They had nine children five of whom died before adult hood: John, died at 3 days, Daphne Arlene, died at 19 mos., Dorothy Louise, died at 3 years, Edna Margie, died at 2 1/2 years, Esther Ruth "Dibie", died at 16 years of age.

The four children that reached adult hood were: Hester Alice born about 1912, she was a gifted school teacher of science in Oklahoma City, and an extraordinary pianist like her mother. She married Raymond Shogren, of Oklahoma, they had a son, John Raymond, who never married, and Alice died January 11, 1945; Leila Elizabeth married Don Frankel, lived in Colorado, raising four children and she died February 7, 1998; Charles James was a pharmacist in Madill Oklahoma, served as Mayor there marrying Anna Jean Pitts, lived in Kingston, Oklahoma, where they raised two children, he died January 13, 1988; and Jackie Lee "Papa Jack" who married Helen Jean Hollingsworth of Madill, lived in Midwest City, Oklahoma where they raised two of their own children and an adopted child, he died November 3, 1976. (Leila, Jim and Jackie have extensive biographies on other pages.)

The family moved from Webb City to Picher, Oklahoma, in 1913, where they made their home. The town of Picher, in Ottawa Co., Oklahoma, was the largest  lead and zinc mining area in the world at the turn of the century and was at it's peak in the 1920's. Picher was known as the "Town That Jack Built". Zinc ore was also known as "Jack". The lead ore was known as "Galena". Picher,  was a "Boom Town" that went bust during the 60's and sadly has become one of America's worst, and most controversial superfund sites to this very day.

John N. "Jack" Davis, worked for The Eagle Picher Mining and Smelting Co. for 14 years as superintendent of the Bingham mine, then went on his own. Among the properties that he owned and operated was the Davis Big Chief mine. He  was the third Mayor of Picher, serving by appointment following the death of Mayor J. M. Robbins and served several terms as councilman. He was an adoring husband, loving father, and servant of his community.

Daphne and John started the Central Methodist Church in Picher, and followed the McColloch family tradition by being pioneers of the Tri-State mining area and of taking on any civic duties that were required to help tame a rowdy mining town. Daphne, like her mother Mary, was also a talented pianist, giving piano lessons and was organist at the Union and Central Methodist Churches.

The family was one of prominence in the Picher area, and was available for their friends and neighbors who turned to them readily for help with problems even of the most personal nature.Cool

At some time between 1923 and 1926, Jack was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and traveled to Denver, Colorado for medical treatment. A few weeks later Daphne and the children moved to Denver, also. They lived in Denver for about a year then returned home to Picher.

John N. Davis died quietly at home on August 18, 1939, Ottawa Co., Picher, Oklahoma, leaving my Grandmother with their youngest son Jackie, age six and their son Jim age 24, at home. They had lost their 16 year old daughter, Hester Ruth, "Dibie" only nine months before. Dibie had been particularly adored by the whole family. Even though their family was virtually untouched financially during the depression they were not untouched by the deaths of John and Dibie. John N. "Jack" Davis is buried at Baxter Springs, Kansas.

The family did rally and in March, 1942, Daphne married Earl Austin Bradbury, born About 1818, of Picher, who was several years her junior. My sister's have always said that Grandma had much personal reserve and will to get her through. In looking back on 1942 a time when most towns, let alone very small towns were very conservative, I couldn't help but wonder how the marriage of a woman to a man several years her junior must have been perceived in the community. In speaking with my sister, Jan, she confirmed that it caused quite an uproar in Picher, but was of little interest to Daphne and Earl.

Christmas Day, 1942, found Daphne's son Jim, in the Navy and treating a soldier with Gas Gangrene. Her husband Earl, joined the Marines in 1943. In January of 1945, Daphne's daughter Hester Alice Shogren died of a heart ailment at the early age of about 34 leaving her husband and young son to survive her.

On June 1, 1945, Earl Austin Bradbury, was killed on Okinawa in the service of his country . . . . .

Daphne Dale Bradbury, died August 30, 1949, Ottawa Co., Miami Baptist Hospital, Miami, Oklahoma, leaving Jackie Lee age 16 still at home to be raised by his brother Jim, age 34. She is buried in Baxter Springs, Kansas. (See Her Obit Here)


Dunham's Webb City Directory 1915-1916 - Listing For:
Davis, John N (Daphne D) mining r 1123 w Joplin

1920 U.S. CENSUS, Ottawa Co., Quapaw TWP, Picher City, Oklahoma, February 11 & 12, 1920, Ward 4, Sheet 41B:
Address: 218 Third St.
DAVIS, John N., Head/O/F/M/W/35/M, -,-,-, Y/Y/MO, -, IL, -,
MO, -, Y/Superintendent/Zinc Mine/W/074
DAVIS, Daphne Dale, Wife, -,-, F/W/30/M, -,-,-, Y/Y/MO, -, VA, -, MO (incorrect should be Virginia), -, Y/None, -,-,-
DAVIS, Hester A., Daughter, -,-, F/W/8/S, -,-,-, Y, -,-, MO, -, MO, -, MO, -,-, None,  -,-,-
DAVIS, Leila E., Daughter, -,-, F/W/6/S, -,-,-, Y, -,-, MO, -, MO, -, MO, -,-, None,  -,-,-,
DAVIS, Charles J., Son, -,-, M/W/4/S, -,-,-,-,-,-, MO, -, MO, -, MO, -,-, None,  -,-,-
DAVIS, Dorothy L., Daughter, -,-, F/W/1 mo./S, -,-,-, Y, -,-, MO, -, MO, -, MO, -,-, None, -,-,-

1930 U.S. CENSUS, Ottawa Co., Picher City, Oklahoma, April 18 & 19, 1930, Sheet 9B:
address: 218 Third St.
DAVIS, John. N., Head/O/$1,200/R/N/M/W/45/M/24/N/y/MO/IL/MO, -, 66, -,-,-,-, Y/Superintendent/Zinc Mine/73V6/W/N/2a-1/N, -,-
DAVIS, Daphne, Wife-H, -,-,-, V/F/W/40/M/19/N/Y/MO/WV/WV,  -, 66, -,-,-,-, Y/None
DAVIS, Leila, Daughter, -,-,-, V/F/W/16/S, -, Y/Y/MO/MO/MO, -, 66, -,-,-,-, Y/None
DAVIS, James, Son, -,-,-, V/M/W/14/S, -, Y/Y/MO/MO/MO, -, 66, -,-,-,-, Y/None
DAVIS, Esther Ruth, Daughter, -,-,-, V/F/W/8/S, -, Y, -, OK/MO/MO, -, 86, -,-,-,-,-, None

Cool In 1985, I went with my mother, Leila, to Picher, for a class reunion. We drove to her girlhood home on 3rd and Netta Streets. We pulled up in front just to look at it. It seemed much smaller than I remembered and had been remodeled a little and well taken care of. A middle aged man came out of the house and walked toward the fence where we were parked. My mother and I got out of the car and explained who she was and that she had grown up in that house. He was very kind and asked if we would like to come inside and look around. We didn't hesitate for even a second to take him up on his kind offer.

He told us that he was born in Picher. My mother smiled and told him that when she was a young girl her mother had been summoned to a house up the street one evening. It was an emergency as the mother of the household was in labor and having a very hard time. Mom told him that my Grandmother sent the husband of the household to get a doctor and "To hurry up about it!". My mother told him the name of the family and laughed saying that her mother could be a "bit of a take charge person" at times. The man smiled back at us and said that he was glad that she was that way, since he was the baby that was born that night in the house just up the street! 

By: Liz (Frankel) Gunderson

Daphne Dale (Davis) McColloch and John N. Davis in tree . . .

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