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DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comhe above photo is of Abraham Frankel (1891-1959) and his Orchestra. It was taken at the Criterion Theatre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1923/1924. (See Clipping Below) Also from 1924 through the early 1930's  Don Leon and his Petite Orchestra appeared at prominent theatres and ballrooms in San Francisco, California. In early February, 1933, Don was back in Oklahoma City, performing with the Oklahoma Federal Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ralph Rose. On March 19, 1935, Don as conductor started a new series of programs on WKY Radio station, Oklahoma City, sponsored by the Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company.

BELOW is a clipping from a newspaper that is a review of a new move called "Brass" with Irene Rich. Irene Rich was a Real Estate Agent who turned actress. She was in silent films, plays and TV movies until the early 50's. I was able to find out that this film was a silent film that opened in 1923 starring Irene Rich. The review includes a one line review of A. Frankel and his violin.

Movie Review of "Brass" with Irene Rich, Music by A. Frankel.

What We Think of Them


"Brass" is the kind of a story that sends one away from the theater thinking. The play is well filmed and reality seems to have been the goal of the director in every scene. In this he was unusually successful. The picture is natural.

The story is of a marriage which, instead of becoming golden turned out to be a miserable substitute--brass. It is doubtful if in real life a character as strong as that portrayed by Irene Rich as Mrs. Grotenberg could be found. The whole play offers a moral constructiveness that is good antidote for jazz mania. There is an apache dance on ice skates that offers a thrill and A. Frankel is still the master of his violin--and the audience.--Bates Raney.

by Elizabeth Louise (Frankel) Gunderson, daughter of Abraham Frankel ("Don Leon" stage name).

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Abraham Frankel in the tree . . .

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