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Just the Faqs!ust a few facts about what you will find on my genealogy pages and what you will not find here. First of all you will not find any links that I have a monetary interest in. I am not serving any affiliate ads or links here. You will find links to other sites that I have found to be useful, helpful or entertaining to me. I maintain this site at my own expense and derive no income from it.

Since "pop-up" ads have become such a problem on the internet I try not to link to sites that serve one up every time you go to a new page. If I link to a site that has "pop-ups" it is because I really like it enough to suffer through them.  You will also find a link from time to time to sites that are only in existence because they are able to use free web space and usually those servers compensate by using banner ads or pop-up ads in trade for the free space on their server. There are many worthy sites on free servers.

You should not run across any pop-up advertising on my site. If you have windows popping up out of nowhere then they are being served up to you through your browser or some other program that you may or may not know has installed it's self on your computer and I have had a couple of those myself just recently. I regularly use Spy-Bot Search and Destroy and AD-Aware to get rid of them. Spy-Bot is totally free at the moment and AD-Aware has a free version as well as a version that you can purchase. I have been using Spy-Bot almost exclusively lately. I also use Norton Anti Virus software.

I have obtained my data from census records and images, the online social security databases, some states just recently are putting marriages and divorces online, property records, wills, my family letters, photographs, documents, family conversations and/or situations where I have been present, and information through the internet by way of personal web sites, gedcom files, genealogy sites and sharing of information.

It would be impossible for me to guarantee that all information is completely accurate. I have encountered instances of conflicting data and try to verify as much as I am able which is why some of the data is slow in getting posted. Even being as careful as possible I myself make typos or come across census, county and state records that may have errors on them. This is a family site and has been started so that family, friends and visitors can enjoy the excitement of discovering our family roots.

Please never hesitate to contact me if you would like to share information or if I have incorrect or incomplete information that you are aware of and would like to correct. If you ever find any information on this site that directly relates to you that I have inadvertently posted incorrectly or that you would like removed, just email me. If I am "Doing It Wrong", let me know in a kind way so that I can "Do It Right". :o)

I have set my own stopping place with regard to living family members. I do have the first and last names of some family members that are still living posted but no other information is given. I try to use only the last name of living relatives that I do not know personally. I may have more information or more information on generations further down the line but usually will not even post the last names of those living members below the generation that holds it's information private. I do not want to knowingly invade anyone's privacy.

There is data from Census Records on these pages and in order to help you to understand the shortened transcriptions, you can download in .pdf format a blank sample for each year of the census from 1790 through 1930 Here free and they only take a few seconds. At the bottom of every page in the genealogy section you will find a link to the Census Forms Samples. You can print out these blank forms and use them to copy census data. I am saving all the census data that I have for the surnames that I am researching and in the future this information will eventually be posted on separate pages and indexed by the individual families referenced.

My photographs: Many of my family photographs are photocopies of the original pictures. Some of the original pictures were already in very frail condition. So naturally the quality of many of them are somewhat degraded and I apologize for this, but I think you will find that your enjoyment will not be any the less for it.

THE FUTURE: I will add more information, pages and links as I have time. I hope to have more time in the future. Information will be added in fits and starts I'm afraid, but will do my best.

Kindest Regards,
Liz, Your Webmaster

Last Updated  ~  August 29, 2013


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