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February 12, 1855 ~ October, 1919
The Son of Abraham and Susan (Burns) McColloch

James McHenry McColloch

James McHenry McColloch about 10 years of age, West Virginia. 

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comhe above picture was taken about 1865, when James was a young boy living on the family homestead built by his father Abraham McColloch (1797-1882), on land that originally belonged to Abraham's Uncle, Major Samuel McColloch (1752-1782), of the famous leap, on Short Creek, Ohio County, near Wheeling, West Virginia.  See the homestead here.

The above photo was sent to me by Samuel McColloch, the Great Great Grandson of Abraham and Susan Burns McColloch. I am very grateful for Sam sharing this photo with me and giving me permission to use it on this web site.

James McHenry McColloch in tree . . .

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