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James McHenry McColloch and Mary Alice (Wharton) McCollochJAMES McHENRY McCOLLOCH, "Mac" or "Jim" the son of Abraham and Susan (Burns) McColloch, was born in Ohio County, West Virginia, February 12, 1855, where he was raised and educated. 

Jim came to Pettis County, in 1877 where he was principal of the schools of Sedalia, Missouri. He spent his life teaching while at the same time engaging in farming.

On August 21, 1878 James married Miss Mary Alice Wharton, "Allie" in Johnson County, Knob Noster, Missouri. Mary Alice was the daughter of Silas W. and Elizabeth Ellen (Bruner) Wharton of Ohio Co., West Virginia. Mary Alice was born June 18, 1859, Ohio Co., West Virginia where she was raised and attended The Female College at Wheeling, West Virginia.

While Jim and Alice were in Pettis County they had two children: Olive P., born August 28, 1879, Pettis County, Missouri, died as a young child, and Ettie M., born August 7, 1881, Pettis County, Missouri, also died as a young child. By the year 1884, they had moved to Jasper Co., Missouri, where Jim became the Principal of Schools in Neck City. The remainder of their lives were spent in the Oronogo, Carthage and Web City areas of Jasper County. Mrs. McColloch also taught school, was a piano teacher, and very active in church and civic duties as well as actively participating in farming with Jim.

Three more children were born, all daughters being: Edna Leona, born May 9, 1884, Jasper Co., Missouri, married Walter Kannier, Mary Leila, born December 1, 1886, Jasper Co., Missouri, married Charles C. Redmon and Daphne Dale, born September, 1889, Jasper Co., Missouri, married John N. Davis.

Jim also worked  for the Deering Machine Co. in 1900. In August of 1900, Archie North McColloch was visiting his Uncle Jim and Aunt Allie in Oronogo, Missouri. **In a letter that Archie wrote to Mahala Rebecca Jacob, back home in Wheeling, West Virginia, dated August 25, 1900, he states that:

 "Uncle Jim is traveling for the Deering Machine Co; but as soon as he heard I was here, he skipped out and came home to see that I would have a good time. He went back after two days. I am looking for him home this evening and that is the reason I am staying so long."

It appears that there was a close relationship between Jim and Mary Alice, and her parents, Silas and Elizabeth (Bruner) Wharton, both of whom were born and raised in West Virginia, then moved to Jasper Co., Missouri around 1890. They owned a farm in Marion Township, Jasper Co., Missouri, about two and a half miles west of Carthage. 
(See Wharton Missouri Farm)

Silas Wharton, died in October of 1913, and in the newspaper clipping reporting his death it states "He is survived by the widow and two children, Mrs. J. M. McCullough who made her home with her parents and J. F. Wharton of Parsons, Kansas". I found Silas and Elizabeth Wharton in the 1910 census living alone on their farm near Carthage, except for a hired hand who lived at the farm also. The farm is further described as a "grain farm" in the census. It appears that the statement in the clipping is correct, and that some time between 1910 and 1913, Jim and Alice moved in with Alice's parents and helped with the farm. By 1910 Jim and Alice's three girls were married with homes of their own and the Whartons were elderly.

Jim died in October, 1919, Jasper County, near Carthage, Missouri. The 1920 census shows that Mary Alice and her mother, both widowed, were still living on the farm alone. At some point after 1920 they sold the farm and bought a house at 1129 W. Broadway, in the town of Webb City, Missouri. The 1930 census shows that the "Two Grandmas" were still living in Webb City. 

At the time of Mary Alice's death in November of 1936, she and her mother Elizabeth Wharton were living in a house next door to her daughter and son-in-law, Daphne and Jack N. Davis of Picher, Oklahoma. The "Two Grandmas" moved there some time after 1930.

James McHenry McColloch and Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch.

NOTES: I have an envelope with directions in my mother's handwriting to the Silas Wharton burial plot in Park Cemetery, Carthage, Missouri, where Silas and Elizabeth Wharton are buried. James Mc Henry and Mary Alice McColloch are probably buried there also in the Silas Wharton plot along with Mary Alice's brother William N. Wharton. 

1900 U. S. CENSUS, Missouri, Jasper Co., Mineral TWP, Oronogo Div, Ward 2, Sheet 19A, Enumeration Dist. 64
Address: 388 Central Avenue
MCCOLLOCH, Alice, Head/W/F/June/1859/40/M/22/5/3, WV/V/WV/Y,Y,Y,O,M,H
MCCOLLOCH, Edna L., Daughter, W/F/May/1884/16/S, MO/WV/WV
MCCOLLOCH, Mary L., Daughter, W/F/Dec/1886/13/S, MO/WV/WV
MCCOLLOCH, Daphne D., Daughter, W/F/Sept/1889/10, S, MO/WV/WV
*James was working for the Deering Machine Co. in 1900 which required him to travel. This is probably the reason he is not listed on the 1900 Census.

1910 U. S. CENSUS, Missouri, Jasper Co., Marion TWP, May 11th & 12th, 1910, Sheet 18B, Enumeration Dist. 69
WHARTON, Silas W, Head/M/W/75/M1, -,-,-, VA/US/US, -,-, English
/Farmer/Grain Farm/Employer, -,-, Y/Y, -, O/?/F/245/No/0/0
WHARTON, Elizabeth E., Wife/F/W/67/M1/5/3/2/WV/P/V, -,-, English/None, -,-,-,-, Y/Y
______ , Frank (?), Hired Man/M/W/55/Wd, -,-,-, MO/MO/MO, -,-,
English/Laborer/Grain Farm/W/N/0/Y/Y, -,-,-,-, 2/1/0/0

1920 U. S. CENSUS, Missouri, Jasper Co., Marion TWP, February 5, 1920, Sheet 7B, Enumeration Dist. 79
WHARTON, Elizabeth E., Head/O/M/F/W/77/W, -,-,-,-, Y/Y/WV-PA-WV-, Y/Farmer/General Farm/OA
McCOLLOCH, Mary A., Daughter, -,-, F/W/60/W, -,-,-,-, Y/Y/WV-WV-WV, Y/None

1930 U. S. CENSUS, Missouri, Jasper Co., Joplin TWP, Webb City, Ward 5, Sheet 1A, Enumeration Dist. 49-32
Address: 1129 West Broadway
MCCOLLOCH, Mary A., Head/O/$1250, -, N/F/ W/70/Wd, -, WV/V/WV, Y, None
WHARTON, Elizabeth E., Mother, -,-,-,-, F/W/87/Wd, -, WV/PA/WV
(Webb City Home of Mary Alice McColloch and Elizabeth Wharton)

See Mary Alice McColloch's short journal that she kept during the months of February, March, and beginning of April, 1916.

By Liz (Frankel) Gunderson, Great Granddaughter of James McHenry McColloch and Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch.

**Source: Samuel McColloch, Grandson of Archie North and Mahala Rebecca (Jacob) McColloch. Sam is the real McColloch Family genealogist and was generous enough to share the above quoted letter with me. Archie and Mahala later came to view each other in a different light and married in October of 1902.

James McHenry McColloch and Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch in tree . . .

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