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Leila Elizabeth Davis portrait taken in 1973.

1913 ~ 1998

The above photo was taken in 1973. Leila was 60 years of age, married to Myer Koscove and they resided at 4190 Dudley St., Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comeila Elizabeth Davis, nicknamed "Bug" by her father, was born July 11, 1913, in Jasper Co., Webb City, Missouri. Leila was the fifth child of nine children born to Daphne Dale McColloch and John N. "Jack" Davis of Webb City, Missouri and Picher, Oklahoma. Of the nine children four lived into adulthood. At the time of her death Leila was the only living child of her parents having lived to the age of 84.

In 1913, the family moved from Webb City, Missouri to Picher, Oklahoma where her father "Jack" was a Mine Superintendent for the Eagle Picher Mining Co. and later the owner of his own properties including the Davis Big Chief mine. The children grew up and attended school in this wide open and bustling mining town.

Leila Elizabeth Davis, Picher,Oklahoma,  Age 16/17 She became an experienced horse woman while growing up in Picher, as her father hired an officer in the military to give her riding lessons. This experience would prove to be of some purpose later in her life.

Leila also became an accomplished singer with her sister "Alice" by her side on may occasions accompanying her on the piano. Leila represented her high school at many singing contests across the state of Oklahoma, including a singing contest at Northeastern Oklahoma University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, which she won. 

She and Alice performed in church, at funerals and many public functions in the Picher community. By the time she graduated high school,  she was appearing every week on a local radio show and was approached to sing professionally but her parents disapproved and she went on to attend the University of New Mexico after graduating high school. She pledged Alpha Delta Pi and was voted most beautiful woman on campus in December, 1932. Leila was a very petite woman in stature at about 5 feet 2 inches tall with expressive blue eyes.

In 1933 she married Roland Whitted and had one child Leila Dale "Dale" or "Lee", born February 11, 1934, and they were divorced later that year. In August of 1935, she married Abraham "Don" Frankel born April 7, 1891, Manhattan, New York and died June 24, 1959, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Don was raised in Manhattan and by the age of 6 or 7 was becoming an accomplished violinist.  When he was about 14 years of age he moved to Vienna, Austria and lived with relatives there while he attended the Conservatory of Music of Vienna studying conducting, music composition and the violin.  He returned to New York, in 1911 and enjoyed a successful music career until the mid thirties when he turned to the business world. Leila and Don lived in the Tecumseh, Tulsa, and Broken Arrow, areas of Oklahoma. During WWII Leila worked for a company that manufactured munitions for the war as their Quality Control Inspector.

By the end of 1945, Mr. and Mrs. Frankel had another two daughters, Janice Raachel, born October 6, 1936, Elizabeth Louise, Born September 14, 1945, and a son John David, born September 27, 1937.  By 1947, the family had moved to Lakewood, Colorado, where Mr. Frankel started his own business designing, manufacturing and selling storm windows.

The Frankels enjoyed entertaining and being active in community service. As a member of the Jefferson County Parent Teacher Association, Leila helped to establish the first "Hot Lunch" program in the Jefferson County Schools of Colorado.

The family home was full of youthful activity from the children's friends and neighbors as well as bounding with activity from a female Great Dane pup that Leila raised and showed to blue ribbon success. Lucky's first and only litter of pups yielded an impressive 12 puppies. The registered Great Danes were sold and shipped across the United States. (See Lucky and her pups here)

In the suburban area of Lakewood many people enjoyed owning their own horses and horseback riding. Mrs. Frankel owned a horse along with her 15 year old daughter Janice, and several neighbors. In 1949 Leila joined with her neighbors and Mr. E. E. Wyland in founding The Lakewood Riding Club and Drill Team for youngsters 9 years to 19 years old. The adults and kids enjoyed the many trail rides and Easter Sunrise Services, the drill team was aimed at teaching the youngsters the disciple of horsemanship and safety while keeping them out of trouble. This drill team is now the nationally famous Westernaires.

Mr. and Mrs. Frankel divorced about 1957 and Mrs. Frankel remarried about 1961, to Myer Koscove, owner of the Den-Col Supply Co. in Denver, Colorado. They made their home at The Lido Apartments, 790 Washington, Denver, Colorado, and by 1965, had moved to 4190 Dudley Street, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They spent their years enjoying community service, entertaining at home, traveling around the world extensively and eventually retiring to their lovely home in Sun City West, Arizona. Mr. Koscove who was born October 7, 1914, Canyon City, Colorado, died in March, 1984, Maricopa Co., Sun City West, Arizona, buried in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Leila stayed in Arizona after Myer's death and was joined there by her daughters Leila Dale and Janice Raachel, and their husbands.  In June of 1987, Leila and her daughters families moved from Arizona, to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where she spent the remainder of her days. By the time of her death on February 7, 1998, she had undergone two heart by-pass surgeries in her lifetime to live a full life. She was 84 years old,  a member of the First United Methodist Church of Tahlequah, and survived by four children and eight grand children.

By Liz (Frankel), youngest daughter of Leila Elizabeth Davis

Note: As Mama's youngest child I was afforded the gift of spending many years full of movies, lunches, travel and private conversations with her. During these times I learned first hand the depth of her love for each and every single one of her children and how this love never wavered at any time during her life.

When life dared to surprise her she would fight each round no matter how long and "beat it " her way while maintaining her self worth, dignity and sense of humor.  She was a giving person and managed to fulfill most of her dreams even though she had a bothersome heart. With the miracle of heart by-pass surgery we found out after her first surgery that she had lived her entire life with one of the major arteries to her heart being acutely undersized since birth. Her life was never boring!

Leila Elizabeth Davis in tree . . .

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