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Elizabeth Frankel, four, poses with her companion, Lucky. . and her litter of 12 little Danes.

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comanes have invaded the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Frankel, 90 South Yukon Street in South Lakewood, in a big way.

"Lucky" their pride and pet, has 12 pups. Lucky is a highly bred, two-year old blue ribbon dog, too busy now to be concerned about anything except keeping a dozen hungry mouths satisfied with the limited natural accommodations.

Lucky formerly know on the pedigree books as Grid of Anadane, daughter of Champion Damocles of Hazelcrest, set something approaching a record for a first litter with her dozen off spring. And Elizabeth Frankel, four, her playmate and charge, is delighted 12-fold.

Lucky is the big "girl" dog who has been a familiar sight to the neighborhood as she would shepherd Elizabeth along the street on exercise walks. Once in a while Elizabeth even would ride the big Dane. Now she likes to sit on the floor of the living room, by the grand piano, where Lucky has her nook and study the squirming cuties around their mother.

The Frankels have lived in this area for two years, coming here from Oklahoma. He is owner of the Frontier Home Conditioning company at 7895 West Colfax avenue. They point to Lucky's family tree--Brae Tarn, Saalburg, Hexengold and Steinbecker's--as boding well for the value of those 12 offspring.

"We'll keep two for show purposes," said Mrs. Frankel. Lucky won a blue ribbon for best in her class at the Denver dog show.

NOTES: There is one error in this article as Lucky was not by a "grand Piano" but by our 13 piece dining room set. Mama had planned to keep two of the pups but they sold so well and quickly that they were all sold before they were weaned and ready for shipping. We had a large oversized two car garage on our house and my Dad had a huge "play pen" on rollers built of pine with a gate so that the puppies would be safe when they were fed and while giving Lucky a rest from them. The sides were about 2 1/2 to 3 feet high and at least 10 to 12 feet square in size. I put my play stove/oven, doll baby buggy and small cupboard in the pen and played house with the pups. I thought it was great fun playing with them and even cleaning up after them! Lucky and her puppies had it made!

I did ride Lucky on occasion as I was very small for my age. By the time I was four years old and just before she had her puppies, I quit the practice of riding her. That was hard to do because my sister Jan and Mama both had horses and I wanted something to ride too. Even I showed Lucky in a children's dog show and won a ribbon! What I didn't know until I was older is that when I walked around showing Lucky for all my worth, the only thing that the people judging the contest from the middle of the circle could see was Lucky and my legs showing from beneath her. 

We were fortunate in that our next door neighbor and very dear friend was Stuart Burkhardt, a noted veterinarian in Jefferson County, Colorado. He attended the puppies birth and gave Mama her feeding formula for when she started them on solid food. Mama cooked fresh meat and baby pabulum on the stove for the pups every day when they started eating solid foods. Dr. Burkhardt and his wife had no children, but they had two Pekinese dogs that I was crazy about and being childless they spoiled me something awful.  I spent many days during the warm months curling up in their hammock with them enjoying fresh lemonade, and homemade cookies and cakes. 

by Elizabeth Louise (Frankel) Gunderson, 

Elizabeth Louise Frankel in the tree . . .

Last Updated  ~  August 28, 2013

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