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Letter from Mahala R (Jacob) McColloch
Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Frankel

Box 192 - R. D. 1,   
Wheeling, W. Va.  
January 3, 1963.

Dear Leila: -

     You will wonder who I am calling you Leila but it is a familiar name and I have heard of you many times. I used to write to your Aunt Leila and we were very good friends. She visited us about once a year and I miss her since she passed away. I hear from Betty once and awhile.

     Your cousin, Ruth Zoller gave me your address. I am working on the Genealogy of your Great Grandfather's family and I have it about all but Daphne's family. I have Aunt Edna's and Aunt Leila's.

     Now I am hoping you will be kind enough to give me information I need to complete Uncle Jim's family. I am starting to copy it and hope to complete it as soon as possible. I am the widow of Archie McColloch, Uncle Abe's second son.

     I used to write to your grandmother, Aunt Alice as we called her. I will enclose a form so you will understand what I would like to have.

     I think I know that Daphne had eight children by the name of Davis. If you can give me their names in order and the date of birth and death of those who have died that will be something. I don't know how many of them were married or had families.

     It might be quite a task to complete each family unless you would happen to have it written down. You would know your own family children and grandchildren. I know your mother had a second marriage and he was killed in the war.

     If I had written down what I knew at our time, I would have had some of it. Archie visited Uncle Jim's before we were married when the girls were all home. Then the year after we were married Edna and Leila visited us and spent several weeks.

     I am 82 years of age and have fair health for one of my age. I began working on this several months ago but it takes time to get every family. During the hot summer I layed it aside for awhile, so now want to complete it before spring.

     Will appreciate it very much if you can help me without too much effort.  Best Wishes to you and your family for a happy and prosperous New Year.

                                                                 Your Cousin,

                                                                        Mahala R. McColloch.

Letter from Mahala R. McColloch to Leila Elizabeth Davis.

On a second page enclosed with this letter she wrote:

I will send some of Aunt Leila's first at hand.

Mary Leila McColloch
Born: Dec. 1, 1886
Died: Aug. 19, 1960
Married: May 9, 1909 to:
Charles C. Redmon
Born: Sept. 9, 1876
Died: Nov. 19, 1945

They had two daughters:

 1. Mary Louise Redmon
     Born: March 12, 1919
     Married: May 12, 1942
     John James White
     Born: April 12, 1915.

     They had three children:

          Mary Elizabeth White
          Born: Sept. 1, 1943

          Georgia Kay White
          Born: July 16, 1951

          John James White, Jr.
          Born: March 12, 1955

 2. Elizabeth Nadine Redmon
     Born: July 13, 1921
     Married: March 25, 2940
     Manford Waddell Murphy
     Born: April 1, 1916

     They had two children:

          Donna Louise Murphy
          Born: September 9, 1944

          Robert Michael Murphy
          Born: June 22, 1947.

This will give you an idea of how the others filled them out.

Whatever expense in postage etc. I will gladly pay.

                                    As ever,

                                        M. McC

Typed by Liz (Frankel) Gunderson, from my family's letter from: Mahala R (Jacob) McColloch, daughter of Mary Lauck McColloch and Samuel Sprigg Jacob, to: Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Frankel, daughter of Daphne Dale McColloch and John N. "Jack" Davis.


In the above letter, paragraph 4,  Mahala refers to "Aunt Alice as we called her", this refers to Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch, wife of James McHenry McColloch. In paragraph 7, she refers to "Edna and Leila visited us", Edna and "Leila" (Mary Leila) are daughters of Mary Alice and James McColloch. I have noticed that many of my mothers family were referred to by their middle names instead of their first names.

Mahala R. (Jacob) McColloch in tree . . .

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