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Husband of James McHenry McColloch

I found this journal of events, shortly notated, in an envelope with the following on the front:

McCollough Family
1129 W. Broadway

*There is no return address or stamp on the envelope. One end of the envelope is missing. It is the end where there would have been a stamp if this envelope had been mailed. I am guessing that these pages were put in this already used envelope just to be saved. The handwriting on the outside of the envelope is not that of Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch. I have also noted that none of my Grandmother's or Great Grandmothers immediate family ever spelled McColloch as it is spelled on the outside of the envelope. The house at 1129 W. Broadway, Webb City, Missouri, was bought after 1920 by Mary Alice "Allie" McColloch and her mother Elizabeth Ellen Wharton both being widowed by then.

At the time these notes were made James and Mary Alice McColloch were living at the Wharton farm, just outside Carthage, Missouri, owned by Mary Alice's parents, Silas and Elizabeth Wharton. Silas died Oct. 29, 1913, so he was not alive at the time these daily notes were kept. 

The notes are written on 10 sheets of lined note paper about the size of 5 inches by 8 inches. After checking a calendar for the year 1916 and using the Sunday School days, I am certain these notations were made from about February 6, trough April 9, 1916. The pages have the day and on a couple of the pages the month of Feb and Mar were noted above the day. I was able to figure out the year and sequence of these pages because Mary Alice refers to her husband Jim's birthday on February 12th and she also refers to her daughter Daphne's anniversary on April 7th. I am using page numbers on these transcribed pages but the pages themselves were not numbered. I don't know how many total pages there were as there appears to be one or two missing. They are typed as they appear on the pages with the exception that I have added a few commas so the events make more sense. I have photocopies of the originals that are in my niece's possession in Oklahoma.

(Page 1) (this first line appears to have been continued from a previous page.

Manning came over, also Mrs. McNabb and Mrs. McM.

7th  Edna went home in afternoon, Jim didn't have any school.  Didn't find Sanfords ____ .

8th  Mother still quite sick, did the work and rested, crocheted some.

9th  Still waited on Mother, crocheted, baked bread. Mr. Bayne came after calves. Mrs. Manning here gave Frank music lesson and did the work. Mrs. Mc Cane(?) Grandma H___ came.

11.  Got a letter from Ruth, Mother still in bed. Jack went to Picher.

12.  Virginia came up and read Billy Whiskers. I washed

(Page 2)

baked ironed scrubbed and a little of nearly everything. Phoned to Daphne. Oysters for Jim's birthday.

13.  Papa went to Webb and brought Daphne and children. Didn't have any S. S. Myrtle Bayne was here, New one organized.

14.  Daphne went to Webb, I took care of the babies. Cut out two dresses for Daphne. Got a letter from Littleton.

15.  Worked on dresses. Leila came up and brought Daphne a letter from Jack.

16. Still sewing, Frank Didn't come to take lesson, was glad I felt so bad, Didn't have any prayer meeting.  Had music in eve.

17. Baked bread, cut out Alice's dresses, almost made one. Daphne went home out of fix at me. The first mother had sat up.

(Page 3)

18.  Cleaned up house took a good rest, and cleaned out top drawer. Joe hauled in the cane.

19.  Did all the Sat. work, Mother came out to the table for supper. Mrs. Mc asked me to give Virginia music lessons. Mrs. Manning brought back the cloves. I went down to Ms. Mc to try the organ.

20.  Went out to Unions Chapel, Bessie gave a nice Temperance talk. John was here also Mr. and Mrs. Felske and little boy.

21.  Mrs. Mc borrowed tub. Wrote card

(Page 4)

to Daphne. Went to Mr. Mannings to get phone message. Mr. Bayne took calves away. Mine weighed 173lbs., 7 weeks old, $12.11, Daphne called, coming up to stay 2 or 3 days. Fixed clothes for laundry, and wash. Grandma W___ came ( ___ ___ and cookies) Mother's calf weighed 185lbs., 7 weeks old $12.95.

Feb 22.  Met Daphne and babies at car. Sewed and cut out dresses. Sent clothes to laundry.

23.  Baked bread, helped Daphne, sew and didn't give Frank his lesson.

24.  Made silk waist for Daphne and finished house dress. Jim took her and James to cars.

25.  Got laundry took care of Alice and Leila  ___  ___

(Page 5)

them bath. Washed, and got ___ ___ .

26.  Baked pies cookies and bread. Made kiddies pie and gave them cookie dough. Set hem.

27.  Bad so I couldn't go to S. S. went to car for Jack at 2.40. Didn't come too bad.

28.  Still had kiddies, Daphne came, walked from car line with baby buggy and suitcase. Kiddies had a time. Virginia a lesson.

29.  Cut out dresses for Leila, We had good time.

Mar 1.  Cut out dresses for James gave Frank a music lesson. Mrs. Mc brought up her waist.

2.  Had chicken and dumplings for dinner. Daphne and kids went home.

3.  Very cold, scrubbed and

(Page 6)

cleaned up. Sent Daphne a card about pattern, Mrs. Manning got milk, sent to Chicago for music.

4.  Did Saturday work, sent Leila and Edna cards.

5.  Went to Sunday School. Mr. Redmon, Leila and Mr. Bayne came in the afternoon, stayed for supper.

6.  Washed. Went to see Mrs. McNabbs baby, gave Virginia a lesson. Went to Mr. Mannings to get phone message from Daphne.

7.  Cut out dress for Alice, made it and sent it by parcel post. A man took it to Carthage. Went to see Mr. Herrin [not sure of name here]

8.  Heard Mr. Herrin couldn't  ____  ____

(Page 7)

10.  Made Ruth a skirt started more lace for Leila and Alice. Got a Post card from Mahala McColloch.

11.  Sent letter to Joplin Globe. Didn't phone to Daphne. Finished mother's pillow slips.

12. Sent Mahala, Belle and Mrs. McBurney post cards. Got a letter from Carrie Bryer. Too cold to go to Prayer meeting.

13.  Got phone message to come to Webb City. 4° below zero. Went and helped

(Page 8)

Daphne and Jack with their pig, cooked sausage and lard until about 10 p.m., sat up till Jack came and had Chili and crackers. Mr. Redmon came.

14.  Had breakfast, helped Daphne cut some patterns, with her meat and work, went over to Leila's, came home at 12.10 phoned to Carthage for groceries. Got a calendar from Knells.

15.  Worked and cooked nearly all day. Made some gingerbread, hadn't made any for years, it was fine. Got my teachers journal, studied my S. S. lesson. Sent Daphne a card and pattern.

(Page 9)

Redmon and Mr. Porter came for dinner wasn't expecting them. Mr. Porter had a lamp, didn't get to talk very much to Leila. Virginia didn't take lesson. Sick.

2nd/3rd(mistake in dates) Rained didn't go to Sunday School. A long day. Played, sang and read.

4th  Virginia had lesson. [Can't read the rest of the notations for the 4th or any of the 5th]

6th  Lester came. [Can't read the rest of the notations for the 6th]

7th  Daphne's anniversary married seven years, had four babies, lives in Ok. Snowing had twenty five more little chickens. Frank came about the S. S. papers.

8th  Virginia came up about her lesson, Jim went to town. Cleo and Nadine came and paid for butter and milk.

9th  Went to Union Chapel heard a fine sermon, porch broke down with the boys and men. Text, Abram walk before me and be perfect

Typed by Liz (Frankel) Gunderson, Daughter of Leila Elizabeth Davis, Grand Daughter of Daphne Dale (McColloch) Davis and Great Grand Daughter of Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch.


In this short narration there are several references to the Car. There used to be a Trolley Car line that served Ottawa Co., Oklahoma, where Picher, was located, Jasper Co., Missouri, and parts of Kansas, for the miners to get to and from work in the mines in the Tri-State mining area (Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri). There were mines that flowed over into Kansas and Missouri, but the main area was in Picher , Oklahoma, and the surrounding towns in Ottawa County, the largest lead and zinc mining area in the world at the time. See Old Trolley Car Here.

There are several occasions where the name "Leila" is mentioned in these notes. Some of them refer to James McHenry and Mary Alice McColloch's daughter Mary "Leila" McColloch who was married to Charles C. Redmon on May 9, 1909. It appears that she refers to her son-in-law Charles Redmon as Mr. Redmon.

There is at least one "Leila" that refers to my Mother Leila Elizabeth Davis and her sister Hester "Alice" Davis [page 4, 25.], children of James and Mary's youngest daughter, Daphne Dale McColloch, who married John N. Davis, April 7, 1909. Alice was born in 1911 and mother was born July 11, 1913.

There is also a reference to "making a dress for James" [page 5, Mar 1] and he is my mother's younger brother Charles James, born June 25, 1915, and was always called James or Jim. Remember in those days they made dresses for male babies. There is another reference to James [page 4, 24], "Jim took her and James to cars". Jim refers to James McHenry McColloch. 

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