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Scotland, Ireland, New Jersey, U.S.A. and West Virginia, U.S.A.

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comNOTE ABOUT OHIO CO., WEST VIRGINIA: On the first development of the Panhandle, it constituted a portion of the extensive county of Ohio, which dates back to before the revolution, and reached territorially to an indefinite extent. On the waters of Short Creek, celebrated from the earliest period for the exceeding richness of the soil, was located the seat of justice for this immense territory. It was called West Liberty, and here on the 16th of January, 1776, was held the first Court for Ohio County, and perhaps the first civil Court ever held in the valley of the Mississippi. A Court House and jail were ordered in the following spring, and among the attorneys practicing are the names of Philip Pendleton and George Brent in 1778. The town was incorporated November 29th, 1786. At the organization of the present county of Brooke in 1797, at which period the seat of justice for Ohio County, was removed to Wheeling, and at about which time the county records were burned, West Liberty was quite a metropolis, and was the scene of many a hard fought battle with forensic as well as physical weapons. The old settlers of this section were largely Marylanders, Virginians, and North Carolinians; and naturally introduced into their new settlements, the manners and customs of the hospitable and never over industrious sections from whence they came.

The different settlements appear to have been made by people from neighboring localities, the ties of friendship and kindred, with apprehensions of danger, inclining them to set their stakes in close communities. A squad of Marylanders would settle here, a company of Virginians there, while in another section a detachment of Germans or Scotch; and to this day, these localities are distinctly marked by peculiarities of names, manners and modes of speech. The Short Creek country about West Liberty, early attracted settlement by its fabulous fertility, and was appropriated by horse-racing, fox-hunting, jolly Marylanders and Virginians, some of them, men of education and refinement, and early given to hospitality, good living, fun and intermarriage.

Among the original settlers of Ohio County, may be named Jas. Caldwell, George McColloch, Benj. Briggs, And. Woods, John Boggs, Joseph Tomlinson, Ebenezer Zane, Moses Chapline, John McColloch, Solomon Hedges, John Williamson, David Shepherd, Archibald Woods, Z. Sprigg, and Alexander Mitchell, whose names appear prominently on the record; while in 1787, several patents were located in Brooke, or Yohogania, by Dorsey Pentecost, Moses Decker, Peter Cox, Benjamin Wells, John Van Meter, Benj. Johnson Jr., who was a surveyor, and located 7000 acres in 1785, Wm. McMahon, who appropriated the hills lying back of Wellsburg, in 1786, Hezekiah Hyatt, Lawrence Van Buskirk, John Beck, and Gabriel Greathouse, besides many others whose names do not figure so prominently. These appear to have constituted the advance guard of pioneers.

Under the operation of the very liberal Virginia laws regulating claims to unappropriated lands, the good land of the country was rapidly taken up, and generally in large bodies, by the parties named above, and their contemporaries, a large proportion of it on speculation, to be sold at an advance or held until forfeited for non-payment of taxes; but much of it for actual settlement. It is singular and significant of the characteristics of our institutions, to observe how small a proportion of the land now remains in the hands of the descendants of the original proprietors. A large proportion of it changed hands, during the first twenty years; and although the names sound familiar enough, it will be found on examination that but few of the present actual landholders of the Panhandle, are represented in the family names above recorded.

*Source For Above: Brooke County, West Virginia History to 1882.[database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: J. G. Jacob, Brooke County: Being a Record of Prominent Events Occurring in Brooke County, West Virginia from the Settlement of the Country, until January 1, 1882.

The above names are but a few that migrated west, as it was called back then, from Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Many of these early pioneers were of Scotch, Irish and German ancestry and at times banded together with other family members and neighbors to make the trip to Ohio County. Some settled between West Liberty and Wheeling in the valley along Short Creek as the McColloch brothers did. These were men and women of intelligence and education with a pioneering spirit that begged to write history. Many of the names listed above will be mentioned in the same breath as they enter into marriages with their friends and neighbors through the years.


1.  McCOLLOCH, John (Ardwell)  – b. 1559 , d. 1667 , married Elizabeth (Myretoun) McColloch, b. ___ , d. ___ .

Children of John McColloch and Elizabeth McColloch: 

2.  McCOLLOCH, Sir Alexander – b. Bef. 1620, Scotland, d. June 3, 1675, Scotland, m. Bef. 1638 in Scotland, Anna Ferguson, b. 1626, d. 1699 in Scotland.

Children of Alexander McColloch and Ana Ferguson: 

3.  McCOLLOCH, John - b. Abt. 1644, Scotland, d. ___ , m. Katherine Ross, b. Abt. 1640, Scotland, d. 1682.

Children of John McColloch and Katherine Ross:

4.  McCOLLOCH, John - b. 1682, Parish Galloway, Scotland, d. Abt. 1730, Gloucester Co., New Jersey. m. 1703 in Ireland, Mary Campbell, b. 1682, Scotland, d. Abt. 1730, New Jersey. John and Mary were supporters of the British monarch and fled to Ireland about 1700. They emigrated from Ireland to Gloucester Co., New Jersey.

Children of John McColloch and Mary Campbell:

5.  McCOLLOCH, John – b. 1708, Ireland, d. 1795, Albemarle Co., Virginia.

5.  McCOLLOCH, Robert – b. 1710, Ireland d. ___ .

5.  McCOLLOCH, Samuel – b. 1705, Mamacullen, Armagh Co., Ireland, d. June 8, 1748, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, m. June 23, 1726, at 1st Presbyterian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Ward, daughter of George and Hannah (Wainwright) Ward, b. 1705, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, d. ___ , Gloucester Co., New Jersey.

Source for Samuel McColloch Will: Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: New Jersey Historical Society. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, etc. Newark, NJ: New Jersey Historical Society, 1901

THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS PASSAGE FROM THE ORIGINAL WILL IS:  that it has the names of all of the children that were born and lived to adulthood.  These children are the only descendants of Samuel and Elizabeth If you have more than these then you have
mixed the descendants from other lines of the family due to the fact
that there were so many Samuels, Johns and Abrahams through all
the McColloch family lines. It is very easy to make this error. 

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750
Calendar of New Jersey Wills

Page: 314
Name: Samuel McColloch (McCulluch)
Date: 08 Jun 1748
Location: Gloucester Township and County

yeoman. Sons--John (eldest, not 23), to have 400 acres of the homestead fronting Timber Creek, a tract, which was his grandfather's and my father's (John McCulloch's), also the meadows and two tracts of land and cedar swamps called Faraway Swamp, and all my lands formerly Montgomery's; George, at 21, to have the other part of my plantation, 200 acres, beginning at Samuel Hazard's upper corner, and the principal and interest from the sale of pine land, 220 acres, at Four Mile Branch road, also White Oak, Fish Creek and White Hall Cedar Swamps. Daughters--Mary, Elizabeth and Hannah McCulluch. Executor--son, John. Witnesses--James Cooper, David Ward, Michael Fisher. Sworn and affirmed 30 June, 1748.

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750
Calendar of New Jersey Wills

Lib. 8, p. 255.

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750
Calendar of New Jersey Wills

1748, June 29. Inventory (£336.18.11) includes watch, cattle, horses, sheep, timber, husbandry tools. Appraisers--John Blackwood, Richard Cheeseman.

Children of Samuel McColloch and Elizabeth Ward

6.  McCOLLOCH, ‘COL’ John, Sr. – b. 1726, in Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. 1778, Ft. Pitt, Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, of yellow fever or cholera, m. May 24, 1749, Burlington, Co., New Jersey to Sarah Inskeep, b. September 4, 1728, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, the daughter of James and Mary (Miller) Inskeep. It is also believed that Sarah died in 1778 at Ft. Pitt.

Note: Sarah Inskeep is the niece of John and Sarah Ward Inskeep of Marlton, New Jersey. Sarah's father James Inskeep was born in England and immigrated to America with his parents, his brothers John and Joseph, and his sister Mary.
The Inskeeps became a prominent family in Marlton, New Jersey. See Sarah's, Uncle John Inskeeps house here.

McCulloch's Path 

"McCULLOCH'S PATH" ~ The above Historical Marker is located near Oakland, Maryland. It marks the path that John McColloch, Sr., opened between Hampshire Co. (now Hardy Co.), Virginia and the Monongahela River, near Morgantown, West Virginia. This path provided for the movement of supplies and goods as well as a route that was probably used by most of the pioneering people who migrated  to the valleys of West Virginia and beyond.

Children of 'COL' John McColloch and Sarah Inskeep

7.  McCOLLOCH, Elizabeth - b. October 30, 1748, Marlton, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. January 17, 1814, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, m. Abt. 1768, Hampshire Co., Virginia, to ‘COL’ Ebenezer Zane, b. October 7, 1747, Moorefield, Hardy Co., West Virginia, d. November 19, 1811, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia.

7.  McCOLLOCH, Samuel 'MAJOR' - b. 1752, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. July 30, 1782, killed by Indians near Girty's Point, Short Creek, Ohio Co., West Virginia, m. February, 1782, to Mary Mitchell. Major McColloch had married Miss Mitchell only six months before his death. His widow afterward married Andrew Woods.

MAJOR Sam's Famous Leap: CLICK HERE
          MAJOR Sam's Death: CLICK HERE

7.  McCOLLOCH, Catherine Irene Inskeep - b. abt 1752 in Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. August 16, 1832 in Bassimer, Ohio.

Child of Catharine Inskeep, sister to Sarah Inskeep, taken in to raise by John and Sarah Inskeep McColloch, upon Catharine's death.

Catharine Inskeep's Will:

Source for Catharine Inskip Will: Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: New Jersey Historical Society. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, etc. Newark, NJ: New Jersey Historical Society, 1901

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. III 1751-1760
Calendar of New Jersey Wills

Name: Catharine Inskip
Date: 29 Oct 1751
Location: Big Timber Creek, Gloucester Township and County

will of. Commits child, name not given, to John McCollock and wife, Sarah, who are also to receive all debts owing to testatrix. Father, James Inskip, sole Executor. Witnesses--David Langlee, John Blackwood, Samuel Blackwood. Proved April 13, 1752.

Lib. 8, p. 117.

1752, --- --. Inventory, £115.4.6, incl. a bond, £100; small debts, £4.12.6; made by Thomas Chew and John Perce (Peiroe).

NOTE: The page for Catherine Irene Inskeep McColloch is preliminary information that has not been confirmed. There is conflicting and somewhat confusing information regarding her marriages, dates, etc. We will see how this pans out.

7.  McCOLLOCH, John 'MAJOR' - b. 1754, Hampshire Co., Virginia, d. April 6, 1821, Ohio Co., Short Creek, West Virginia, m. 1777, Ohio Co., West Virginia, to Mary Bukey, b. 1754, Sussex Co., New Jersey, d. July 1, 1845, 1846 in Ohio Co., West Virginia.

Notes: John was also an Indian fighter and tracker. He was in the company of his brother, Samuel McColloch, much of the time and was with him the day they were ambushed by Indians at Girty's Point and Samuel, was killed. John wheeled his horse and shot his brothers killer through the heart.
John succeeded his brother, Major Samuel McColloch, as heir to the McColloch estate. John's Military service: Bet. 1775 - 1795, was a private in the Ohio County, West Virginia, Militia during the Revolutionary War Militia under Capt Ogle and Col. Brodhead. Listed in D.A.R. Patriot Index, Private, VA.

7.  McCOLLOCH, Abraham "Abram" - b. 1760, Hampshire Co., Virginia, d. May 5, 1839, Short Creek, Ohio Co., West Virginia, bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Wheeling, West Virginia, m. March 11, 1788, Short Creek, Ohio Co., West Virginia, Alcy Boggs, b. January 15, 1769, Short Creek, Brooke Co., West Virginia, d. March 30, 1838, Short Creek, Ohio Co., West Virginia, bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia.

Notes: Abraham figured quite extensively in the early history of Richland district as it is now called, having engaged to some extent as a scout among the Indians, by whom he received a wound in the hip; its full effect was prevented from becoming fatal by a book which he carried in his pocket. This happened in early life. He followed farming as an occupation. He was the father of eleven children, six sons and five daughters. Pensioned. Listed in D.A.R. Patriot Index, Private, Scout, Patriotic Service, VA.

7.  McCOLLOCH, George 'CAPT' - b. 1763, Hampshire Co., Virginia, d. May 19, 1836, bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, m. April 5, 1791, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, Margaret Wilson, b. 1774, d. July 6, 1837, bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia.

7.  McCOLLOCH, Sarah - b. 1765, Hardy Co., Virginia, d. _____ , m. Samuel Jacob Coleman, b. 1748, d. 1828.

Work In Progress/More Data To Be Posted and
need to confirm information. 

6.  McCOLLOCH, ‘COL’ George – b. 1728, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. 1787, near Independence, Pennsylvania, m. Abt. 1757, Catharine VanMeter, b. Abt. 1734, d. Bef. 1768; m. aft 1768 probably Ohio Co., Virginia, Catherine Hedges, b. 1748, d. Bef. 1797 in Brooke co., Virginia.


This Is The Only Information I have
(There is also question regarding Mary's marriage to Charles French and the children of the French marriage. This needs more looking into.)

6.  McCOLLOCH , Mary – b. April, 1730, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. _____ , m. Uriah (or Charles) French: m. August 10, 1759, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, Hugh Creighton.

This is the only information that I have for Mary McColloch. 


This Is The Only Information I Have

6.  McCOLLOCH, Elizabeth –b. 1732, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. _____ , m. April 6, 1754, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, Henry Crawford, b. ______ , d. _____ .

Note: This is the Only Information that I have for Elizabeth. I am guessing that the information found below is regarding Elizabeth and Henry as the date and place would be within probability.


Elizabeth McColloch found in:

Marriage Index: New Jersey, 1680-1900 
Married: Apr. 06, 1754 in: Gloucester, NJ 
Gender: F Source: County Court Records Film number: 0850324 
Spouse name: Crawford, Henry Spouse gender: M

Work In Progress/More Data To Be Posted

6.  McCOLLOCH, Hannah – b. October 15, 1737, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, d. 1791, m. October 5, 1756, Gloucester Co., New Jersey, to Joseph Inskeep, b. May 10, 1733, Burlington Co., New Jersey, d. 1803/1809, Virginia.

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