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Letter from Mama to her children


The Typed Cover Letter

4190 Dudley
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

January 16, 1979

Dearest Ones:

Now, you will have to fill in your own marriages and dates and the children of each marriage - and your genealogy will be completed.

If you wish to check on any dates and places, check in the county where marriages took place - if you are ever in Washington, D.C., you can check in the Hall of Congress or Libraries on our early ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War; or around Wheeling, West Virginia, where there are still some McCollochs living who have even more accurate records.

At West Liberty, near Wheeling, there is a two story house, with walls three feet thick which was built by Abram McColloch, father of mine and Ruth, Helen and Bob's grandfather, James McColloch. The land was taken upon a Tomahawk Grant around 1847; it was in the family until about twenty years ago when it was sold.




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On a second page was typed the following:


His name was John Beck who was born in Virginia, in what is now called Ohio County, West Virginia. He was married to Rebecca Miller, in Kent County, Maryland.

Children of John Beck and Rebecca Miller Beck

John Wesley Beck
Fletcher Beck
Asbury Beck
Susan Beck
Rebecca Beck
Mary Beck
George Washington Beck
Alexander Beck
James Beck

Married Elizabeth Cox
Married Elizabeth McFadden
Never Married
Never Married
Married Garret Burns
Married Simon Lauck
Died at age 11 years
Died at age 1 year
Died at age 1 year

Susan Burns, daughter of Garret and Rebecca Beck Burns, married Abram McColloch in 1847 - the following children were born of this union: Virginia, William, James M., (John ?) and Rebecca.

James M. McColloch married Mary Alice Wharton in West Virginia in 1878 - the following children were born of this union:

Mary Leila
Daphne Dale

Died as a young child
Died as a young child
Married Walter Kannier
Married Charles Redmon
Married Newton DavisCool

Edna McColloch married Walter Kannier in Webb City, Missouri in about 1906-1905. The children of Edna and Walter Kannier are as follows:

Walter Dean

Married Warren Zoller
Married Florence Diamond
Married  ?
Married Roy Glenn
Died at age twenty.

Ruth Kenner married Warren Zoller in about 1926. The children of Ruth and Warren Zoller are as follows:

Marion Dale
Gale Louise

The records of the War Department show that John Beck served as a Sergeant in Captain Benjamin Harrison's Company, 13th Virginia Regiment of Foote, Commanded by Colonel William Russell, in the Revolutionary War.

His name appears on a Roll of that organization for August, 1777, which shows that he enlisted to serve during the Revolutionary War.

He was commissioned Ensign in Captain Robert Beall's Company, 13th Virginia Regiment, Commanded by Colonel John Gibson, the designation of which was subsequently changed to the 9th Virginia Regiment. He appears to have been commissioned Lieutenant, December 15, 1779, and Captain Lieutenant, 7th Virginia Regiment, February 10, 1981. This is recorded in the Hall of Congress in Washington, D. C. (War Dept. Records).

Typed by Liz (Frankel) Gunderson

Family's letter from: Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Koscove, daughter of Daphne Dale McColloch and John N. Davis, to each of her children: Leila Dale Whitted, Janis Rachel Frankel, Elizabeth Louise Frankel and John David Frankel.

This letter was all the information that she had at that time. This letter and the letter from Mahala R. McColloch that is on another page of this site, helped immeasurably in compiling the genealogy data that I have up to this point.

NOTE: Cool Actually John N. Davis (John Newton Davis), he was commonly called "Jack" by his friends.

Leila Elizabeth Davis in tree . . .

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