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My Sister Jan, My Mother, My Brother John, Me "Liz", and My Sister Dale


From left to right is my Sister, Janice Raachel (Frankel) Rieks, "Jan", my Mother, Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Koscove, "Leila", my Brother, John David Frankel, "Johnny", me, Elizabeth Louise (Frankel) Gunderson, "Liz" and my Sister, Leila Dale (Whitted) Rucker, "Dale" or "Lee". 

DropCap by Jaguarwoman.comhe above picture was taken in 1973/1975 at Stapleton Airport, Denver, Colorado. All of us "Girls" lived in the Denver area with our husbands and children. We went to the airport to spend some time with our Brother, "John", who was flying from Oklahoma, where he attended an FAA training class, to his home in Oregon, with a two hour layover in Denver. John was an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA at the time. If John appears to be standing oddly it is because he has a cast on his left leg and was on crutches. It seems that during a break between classes he and his FAA friends engaged in a spirited basketball game and he re-injured his knee.

We had a wonderful visit with John and another Air Traffic Controller who was with him on the flight. In fact the camera used to take the above picture as well as others that day was mine. My Brother's friend took a picture of all five of us. It turned out so well that I had it enlarged to 8 x 10 for all of us as a Christmas present that year.

Myself, my Sister, Jan, and my Brother, John, are all still living with children and grandchildren. My Mother born 7-11-1913, died 2-7-1998. My Sister Dale born 2-11-1934, died 1-26-2001.

by: Liz (Frankel) Gunderson

Note: You can definitely tell that this photo is taken during the "70's". Hip hugging bell bottom pants and short skirts were in!

Leila Elizabeth (Davis) Frankel in tree . . .

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