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Jaguarwoman DropCapAMUEL SPRIGG JACOB, who is engaged in agricultural pursuits in Ohio county West Virginia, has always been a resident of this county. His was born on a farm June 23, 1838, and is the oldest son of John J and Mahala W (Ridgley) Jacob. 

Zachariah Jacob, great-grandfather of our subject, was born in England and come to America prior to 1760. He was probably of Jewish parentage. He located at Annapolis, Maryland. He and wife Susannah reared the following children: Samuel Ezekiel; William: Susannah; John 
J.; and Gabriel.

Gaberiel Jacob, grandfather of our subject, was born July 1, 1759 and died March 20, 1822; married Ruth Hurst, of Washington county, Maryland, and they had the following children: John J.; Joseph; Zachariah and Susan (twins); Ezekiel; and Samuel.

John J. Jacob's, oldest son of Gabriel and Ruth (Hurst) Jacob, was born December 25, 1790 and died October 15, 1848. He first married Elizabeth Mitchell, a daughter of Alexander Mitchell, who was a prosperous farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob became parents of the following children: Gabrel; Alexander M.; Anne Susan; Ruth and Sarah. For his second wife he married Mahala W. Ridgley and had the following children: Samuel Sprigg, subject of this sketch; A Ridgley; John J. and Drusilla R., who married Abram Mc Colloch, brother of Mrs. S. S. Jacob.

Samuel S. Jacob attended a subscription school in the country, as it was before the days of public schools. After the death of his father in 1848, he removed to Wheeling with his mother and there attended Linsly Institute for three years, after which he took a course of two years (1854-55, 1855-56) in Morgantown Academy. He persuaded his mother in 1857 or 1858 to return to the country, where he has since been engaged in agricultural pursuits. 

In 1868, Mr. Jacob was joined in marriage with Mary L. McColloch, a daughter of Samuel McColloch, and the following children blessed their union: Clarence; Samuel S., Jr.; Mary Lillian; Frank H.; Mahala R.; and John J. The members of Mr. Jacob's family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, except the subject of this sketch, and his youngest son, John J. He is a Democrat in politics.


1860 U. S. Federal Census - Virginia, Ohio Co., West Liberty, Page 40
Jacob, M. W. 47/M (this is error on census should be F)/V
Jacob, Samuel S. 21/M/Farmer/V
Jacob, Absolom R. 19/M/V
Jacob, Druscilla R. 13/F/V

1920 U. S. Federal Census - West Virginia, Ohio Co., Richland Dist., Enumeration District 112, Page 7B
Richland District Precinct #6
McColloch, Mahala, Head, Own, Free, F/W/39/W -,-,-,-, Y/Y/WV/WV/WV/ Y/Farmer/General Farm/EM/14
McColloch, Wilbur J. Son, -,-, M/W/16/S -,-,-, Y/Y/Y/WV/WV/WV/Y None
Jacob, Samuel S. Father -,-, M/W/82/W -,-,-,-, Y/Y/WV/V/V/Y Laborer/Farm/W
Jacob, Lilliam M. Sister -,-, F/W/46/S -,-,-,-, Y/Y/WV/WV/WV/Y Teacher/School/W

Edited and Compiled by HON. GIBSON LAMB CRANMER

BIOGRAPHICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, George Richmond, Pres.; S. Harmer Neff, Sec'y; C. R. Arnold, Treas. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1902

Remember!!! These short sketches by Mr. Cranmer were published 100 years ago and may be somewhat but not completely accurate.

Samuel Sprigg Jacob and Mary Lauck (McColloch) Jacob in tree . . .

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