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The Home of Silas and Elizabeth Wharton

Elizabeth E. (Bruner) Wharton and Mary A. (Wharton) McColloch

The picture above is of the house of Silas W. and Elizabeth E. (Bruner) Wharton on their farm located about two and a half miles west of Carthage, Missouri, in Jasper Co.  In the photo Elizabeth Wharton, is standing on the left and her daughter Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch, is kneeling on the right. To the far right there is a dog laying on the ground but I am unable to identify him as he has his back to the camera!

I don't know how many acres of land the farm consisted of. In the 1910 census it is called a grain farm.  In 1910 only Silas and Elizabeth along with a hired hand lived on the farm. At some time between 1910 and 1913, Mary Alice and her husband James McHenry McColloch had moved to the farm. Their children  were grown with homes of their own and the Whartons were elderly. Silas Wharton died October 29, 1913.

All information points to the fact that Mary Alice and James where living on the farm when James died in 1919. Mary Alice and her mother Elizabeth Wharton lived on the farm a few more years and then bought a home in town at Webb City, Missouri. After living in Webb City a few years, they then moved to a home in Picher, Oklahoma, which was next door to Mary Alice's daughter Daphne Dale (McColloch) Davis and her family. The "Two Grandmas" lived there until their deaths.

Mary Alice died in November, of 1936, at the age of 77 and Elizabeth Wharton died August 7, 1937 at the age of 95.

Above picture is copy of original photo in my posession.

By: Liz (Frankel) Gunderson 

Silas W. and Elizabeth E. (Bruner) Wharton in tree . . .
Mary Alice (Wharton) McColloch in tree . . .

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