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Jaguarwoman DropCapILLIAM J. McCOLLOCH, deceased, was one of the substantial and influential farmers and citizens of Ohio county, West Virginia, where he was born August 3,1809, and where he spent the most of his life. He was a son of Abraham and Alcy (Boggs) McColloch, the former of whom was born on the south branch of the Potomac River, and followed farming in the early days, when the Indians roamed over the state of Virginia.

William J. McColloch was one of a large family, all of whom are now deceased. He attended the common schools in his boyhood days, and afterward followed farming for the remainder of his life. His dealings were mostly in live stock, and he gave much attention and time to sheep raising, in which he was most successful. He farmed for many years on a large farm about six miles northeast of Wheeling, where he died August 24, 1888, aged seventy-nine years, and three weeks; his widow still resides there. Mr. McColloch was an ardent Republican, but never assumed the responsibilities of office. Although not a member of any church, he was liberal in giving to all churches and charities, and was well and favorably known throughout the county. He was enterprising and active, and possessed in no small degree all those admirable qualities that count for the most in good citizenship.

Mr. McColloch was united in marriage in December, 1848, with Rebecca J. Magee, a native of Belmont county, Ohio, and a daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (Coleman) Magee. They had no children. Jesse McGee was a native of Ohio, and his wife was born on the south branch of the Potomac River; he died in 1867, in his eighty-fourth year, and Mrs. McGee died in 1854, aged fifty-three years. She was a devout member of the M. E. church. Mr. And Mrs. McGee had 12 children,---eight girls and four boys. Of this family, Mrs. McColloch and her brother Jesse B., are the only survivors, and live on the home place.

Mrs. McColloch has a faithful companion in the person of Martha F. Boggs, a daughter of Ezekiel and Sarah (McGee) Boggs, the latter being a sister of Mrs. McColloch. Martha F. Boggs, who has been a teacher, of large experience, is one of eight children, namely: John M., a resident of Knox county, Ohio; Mary E., Coleman; Martha F.; Tabitha; W. W. ; Jesse; and Jane. Coleman is a farmer in Knox county ,Ohio, where he also teaches school. Tabitha was the wife of J. C. Clutter, and died in 1893, at the age of forty-two years. W. W. died at the age of fifty-three years, and Jesse, at the age of thirty years. Jane died at the age of thirty-six years, unmarried.

Ezekiel Boggs was born in 1806, and in 1828 married Sarah McGee, who was born in 1809. They resided in Belmont county, Ohio, for five years, and subsequently moved to Knox county, where Mr. Boggs became a well-known farmer, and where they continued to reside until his death. They were members of the Presbyterian church; in politics Mr. Boggs was very active and served as a member of the Ohio Legislature for some time. His death took place in 1852, and his widow survived him until 1892. They were much respected citizens of their county, and as such did their duty as best they could.

Martha F. Boggs is a most amiable companion, and Mrs. McColloch considers her a true friend and esteems her as such. Mrs McColloch has many of the sterling qualities of her deceased husband, and is held in high regard by neighbors and friends.

Edited and Compiled by HON. GIBSON LAMB CRANMER

BIOGRAPHICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, George Richmond, Pres.; S. Harmer Neff, Sec'y; C. R. Arnold, Treas. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1902

Remember!!! These short sketches by Mr. Cranmer were published 100 years ago and may be somewhat but not completely accurate.

William J. McColloch and Rebecca J. (Magee) McColloch in tree . . .

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