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McCOLLOCH, Elizabeth "Bessie" - b. October 30, 1748, Marlton, Gloucester Co., New  
Jersey, d. January 17, 1814, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, bur. Walnut Grove  
Cemetery, Martins Ferry, Ohio, m. 1767, Wheeling, West Virginia, to Col. Ebenezer Zane
b. October 7, 1747, Moorefield, Hardy Co., West Virginia, d. November 19, 1811, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, bur. Walnut Grove Cemetery, Martins Ferry, Ohio. *NOTE: Do NOT confuse Elizabeth nickname "Bessie", Col. Zane's wife with Betty Zane The Heroine of Fort Henry as she was Col. Zane's younger sister and sister-in-law to Bessie. Zane Gray's first book was Betty Zane. He wrote about her and the story that had been told to him by his Grandmother and other family members.

Elizabeth McColloch Zane and Col. Ebenezer Zane had several children one of whom was a son, Samuel Zane b: February 26, 1784 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia. He  married Elizabeth Bloomfield b: BEF. 1817 in Wheeling, Ohio County, Virginia.

Samuel Zane and Elizabeth Bloomfield Zane had a daughter, Josephine Allie Zane, b.  September 5, 1839, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia, and d. July 23, 1917 in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania. She married Lewis M. Gray February 5, 1855 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia, born July 10, 1831 in Wheeling, Ohio County, Virginia, and died July 22, 1905 in 
Columbus, Ohio.

Josephine Zane Gray and Lewis M. Gray, had five children one of whom was named Pearl Zane Gray.

Zane Grey, Legendary author of western novels.Name: Pearl Zane GRAY
Used the Pen Name of Zane Grey
JAN 31, 1875 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio
OCT 23, 1939 in Altadena, California
705 Convers Avenue

THE MAN FROM ZANESVILLE:  The home of the Gray family at 705 Convers Avenue stood in a two acre tract of pasture and orchard land in 1875. On January 31 of that year a son named Pearl Zane was born to Dr. Lewis M. and Josephine (Zane) Gray. The father was descended from Irish immigrants who stopped in Pennsylvania and arrived in Springfield Township, Muskingum County, about 1800. On his mothers side the son was descended from Colonel Ebenezer Zane. As the boy grew up, he fished in the Muskingum and Licking rivers, played truant from school, bullied younger boys, and became known as "The Terror of the Terrace" for his pranks. In a secret cave in the family orchard, the boy wrote his first story on wallpaper, only to see his father tear it up in anger when he found the cave filled with stolen articles.

Leaving Zanesville about the age of seventeen when his father went to Columbus to practice dentistry, the younger man attended the University of Pennsylvania to play baseball and study his fathers profession. Later he neglected his practice to write Betty Zane. About that time he adopted the name Zane because Pearl was taken for a woman's name, and he changed his family name to Grey, the English spelling. As The Heritage of the Desert, Riders of the Purple Sage, Desert Gold, and other books came from his pen, Zane Grey's popularity extended over the world and he became the most widely known Zanesville native in history. When Grey came back to his birthplace in 1921, be was greeted by 3,000 school children at the Weller Theater and honored at a banquet sponsored by the Rotary Club in the Masonic Temple. He died at Altadena, California, on October 23,1939.

John Farrar said of Grey: "He is as national a figure as Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, or General Pershing." T. K. Whipple described his work thus: "We turn to him not for insight into human nature and human problems nor for refinement of art, but simply for crude epic stories, as we might to an old Norse skald, maker of the sagas of the folk."

passage from "Y Bridge City" The Story of Zanesville and Muskingum County, Ohio - by Norris F. Schneider, p 287, Chapter 22 - The Man from Zanesville -- The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York

You may see the complete list of of free on-line books available for download or viewing by Zane Grey, HERE. The Betty Zane Book HERE. You may also read the book Betty Zane at your leisure by chapter at CLASSIC READER.

Zane Grey, The Consummate Fisherman! Please Check Out These Links:

National Road Zane Grey Museum,
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Writer Zane Grey - More photographs of Zane Grey

NOTE: Zane Grey in many ways epitomizes the tradition of his ancestors and the early settlers. I found during my research that he was a brilliant and independent man ready for adventure. It doesn't surprise me at all that he spent many months of each year traveling and fishing. His fishing exploits are legendary. He fished all over the world including California, Florida, Cabo San Lucas, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, and the Tonga Islands setting many fishing records for Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish and Swordfish just to name a few.

Zane Grey would have been called "a man's man" and in many ways a private man while at the same time being a personable, popular and a genuinely friendly man. Reading his books and researching the man would be well worth the journey.

Liz (Frankel) Gunderson

BROTHER of Elizabeth McColloch:

McCOLLOCH, Abraham - b. 1760, d. May 5, 1839. Burlington Co., New Jersey.
m. March 11, 1788, Short Creek, Ohio Co., West Virginia, to Alice "Alcy" Boggs, b. January 15, 1769, d. March 30, 1838, Short Creek, Brooke Co., West Virginia, Both Alcy and Abraham are bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Wheeling, West Virginia.

Abraham McColloch and Alcy Boggs McColloch had several children one of whom was a son, Abraham McColloch was b. November 19, 1797, Short Creek, Ohio Co., West Virginia, d. February 25, 1882, m. April 1, 1847, Susan Burns, b. November 23, 1821/1823, d. April 3, 1862. Both Abram and Susan are bur. Short Creek Cemetery, Ohio Co., Wheeling, West Virginia.

Abraham McColloch and Susan Burns McColloch had a son, James McHenry McColloch, born in 1853, who was born, raised and educated near Wheeling, West Virginia, as was Mary Alice Wharton whom he married in August of 1878. James "Mac" McColloch and Mary Alice Wharton had five children one of whom was named Daphne Dale McColloch, born in September of 1889, in Jasper Co., Missouri, she married John N. Davis of Missouri. Of the nine children that they had one was a daughter named Leila Elizabeth Davis, who was born July 11, 1913, Jasper Co., Webb City, Missouri. Leila Elizabeth married Abraham "Don" Frankel. Leila Davis Frankel is our mother.

That means that our Great, Great, Great Grandfather's sister, Elizabeth McColloch, was the Great Grandmother of Zane Gray/Grey the writer.

Zane Grey in tree . . . .

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